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Serenity Foundation
"GOD, Grant Us the Serenity to Accept the Things We Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things We Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference"
About Us

Serenity Foundation is a "Home Away From Home" established on 2nd August 2004 by a group of people bearing a vision to help suffering male Alcoholics and Addicts in the society.keeping in mind that introspection is the best proven method to help an alcoholic/addict to come into recovery, our program schedule involves sessions of Self-Acceptance and also enhancing the treatment towards the Bio-Psycho-Social is our medium of help.

  • Hyderabad Center

Established on 2nd August 2004 with a capacity of 20 Beds. With the hardship & prompt service to mankind, the need felt was more & today it has been extended to 60 - Beds capacity. Still having a waiting list for admissions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to address the person affected by Chemical Dependency and the Families to retrace their Life to Normalcy.We help people gain and retain Recovery in all aspects of life.Through rigourous sessions about the effecs of dependency on chemicals and the effects of the same on self and society(immediate family) to the dient we help the client to come into terms with himself. NOt to forget "Home is Where The Hearts Lies" we also help the families by ebabling them to understand and help their peer when he comes back home after the treatment.

About The Trust

Serenity Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit Trust governed by a Board of Trustees who witnessed this fatal diease in their family.

  • Mr.Chetan Vaidya(Managing Trustee).
  • Advocate Mr.Mahmood Ali(Chairman).
  • Mrs.Vimala Mahmood Ali(Treasurer).
  • Mr.Basant Adukia(Associate).

The Managing Trustee

Our MissionI was inspired to work in the De-Addiction field and make this as my Profession after facing Addiction in my family and having lost one of my brothers and had been self influenced by my brother in testing chemicals.

I decided to make this Dream of Recovery come true to most of the Suffering Alcoholics & Addicts & their Families to help them lead a normal social life and decided to qualify myself in the study of Psychology and achieved Experinence of 15 Years in this field by Serving and Helping Alcoholics & Addicts.

In this working experience , God given opportunity to help one of the Trustee's family problems who witnessed Alcoholism invited me to come to A.P. and was given the Managing Trustee's position to run Serenity Foundation which was established on 2nd August 2004, Since then I had been helping and serving around 1000 and Above Suffering Members in the society.

The Recovery Statics studied about Serenity Foundation is 40% to 60% and the others fail due to Lack of Commitment, Non-Completion of the Program, Not coming for Follow-Up Therapy,Becoming Complacent which over a period of time lead to a Relapse.

This is one of the Relapse Prone Diseases which members and families fail to understand and when they experience a Relapse,Family comes back again for help.

Understanding the above facts, I had made this Serenity Foundation with a vision to help and take the Challenge of Recovery Program for Alcoholics/Addicts, that is not hillighted by society and due to Lack of Knowledge, consider such members as hopeless.

The Serenity Team

Bearing in mind the Bio-Psycho-Social problems associated with the Deisease of Alcoholism/Addiction,The Serenity Foundation Team is made with Synchronization of following.

Our Mission

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