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"GOD, Grant Us the Serenity to Accept the Things We Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things We Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference"
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About The Disease

W.H.O., the American Health Association and various other world-renowned organizations have after intensive research and based on its findings termed Addiction as a Disease, Most importantly they have termed Alcohol as a Drug, which bears a chemical formula.

Further research done in the Dis-comfort or Dis-ease of Bio Psycho Social problems related with Alcoholism & Addiction, identifies the following three major factors.

  • Genetic
  • Circumstances/Surroundings
  • Peer Group

The Disease Effects
  • Organic Failures due to excessive chemical abuse.
    • Liver Cirrhosis/ Liver Enlargement, Hepatitis.
    • Pancriatitis.
    • Diabetics.
    • Kidney Failure.
    • Cardiac Problems.
    • Neuron Problems.
  • Unbearable Withdrawal Symptoms.
    • Tremors.
    • Loose Motions
    • Restlessness.
    • Loss of Appetite.
    • Insomnia(Sleeplessness).
  • Physical Allergy ( need to consume more and more of chemical ).
  • Obsession to Use alcohol/drugs.
  • Loss of memory & Control.
  • Black- outs, Pass outs.
  • Pre-Occupation.
  • Neuron Transmitter failure.
  • Instability of feelings ( Anger , Depression etc ).
  • Outburst of Extreme Expressions.
  • Suspicious Tendencies.
  • Distorted Values & Principles.
  • Distorted Belief Systems.
  • Distorted Thinking and Perceptions.
  • Attitudinal and Behavioral Disorders.
  • Major Conflicts with Spouse/Parents.
  • Dysfunctional Marital Life.
  • Dysfunctional Professional Career.
  • No Social Relationships (friends & relatives etc).


 It Is A Family Disease( Co-Dependancy & EnablingProcess )


  Co-Depedancy By
  • Constantly Fearing Social Stigma.
  • Detachment From Relatives And Friends.
  • Avoiding Family Gatherings.
  • Constantly Thinking About The Next Extreme Behavior That The Member Will Exhibit..
  • Causing Self - Physical Problems Like High B.P., High Stress Leading To Depression, Diabetics, Cardiac Problems and Insomnia.
  Enabling Through Self-Experimental Process Like
  • Giving Him Money.
  • Getting Him Married.
  • Buying Him A mobile/Bike etc.
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