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Serenity Foundation
"GOD, Grant Us the Serenity to Accept the Things We Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things We Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference"
About Us

We at Serenity Foundation believe that, “All Work & No Play makes Serenity Full of Dull Boys”. Who Says Dry Parties Are Not Fun?!! We are sure that we can Scream, Sing and Shake a Leg Better Even after Abstaining away from Chemicals. We do Party Hard, Letting Go Of Our Past , Hoping for a Bright Future Tomorrow, Igniting a spark Today.
Major events that we recognize and celebrate are


Center Anniversaries

Serenity foundation expresses its Gratitude to the Society for allowing us to be of service especially for the chemically dependent members of the society. We take the Pride in telling that we have completed Three years with the support of our Ex-Clients, Family, Friends and all.

Sobriety Birthdays

Gratitude Speaks By Itself ” – Members completing a Milestone of One Year Sobriety come and celebrates their gratitude with the members    currently under treatment by sharing their Experience, Strength, Hope and Growth achieved in this gone year of Sobriety. In this one year the   Respect, Trust, Love, Compassion, Status, Job and FAMILY is a great achievement for the member and Serenity on the whole.


Serenity Foundation , Home Away From Home” celebrates all festivals to make us more comfortable and the family is also welcome with their wishes and sweets.

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