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Serenity Foundation
"GOD, Grant Us the Serenity to Accept the Things We Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things We Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference"
About Us

Serenity Foundation recognizes the fact that Addictionis Family Disease. Substance abuse,at whatever level, makes people’s lives and the lives of those who care about them absolutely dysfunctional.

Serenity Foundation Family Program

Family Chemical Dependency is a disease that affects the entire family. Parents and siblings experience consequences of their loved one’s chemical use just as much as the chemically dependant person themselves. Studies show that recovery is stronger and more effective when family members are educated and involved in the treatment process. The Parent Program educates parents and caregivers about chemical dependency and its effects on the entire family. It provides a foundation of education, support and practical tools to empower parents on their journey along the path of family recovery. The program is offered weekly through Lectures, Videos, and small Group-Discussions with the parents and a family conference with their child; parents gain knowledge and practical skills to support the recovery process.

Parents & Spouses Will
  • Understand the disease of chemical dependency and its impact on your child/ spouse and your family.
  • Learn about the effects of alcohol and other drug use on your child’s/ spouse’s development.
  • Develop new techniques for relating with a person in recovery.
  • Gain support through interaction with other parents, and realize the benefits of establishing a support network.

Family Growth
  • Educational sessions on family Disease/ its consequences.
  • Handling the problems professionally and an experimental approach.
  • Get connected to Society/Through Al-Anon and support groups.
  • Personal growth restoring self-guilt, self-condemnation, social shame/stigma.

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